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Cut planed board

Cut planed board
  • Cut planed board
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1.01 KZT(1.01 EUR)
Wholesale: 1.01 KZT(1.01 USD) from 15 m3
Country of manufacture:Russia
Timber of coniferous breeds cut in Aktobe Aktobe Les LLP the Address: RK, Aktobe, the district Is small the Market, the Construction yard, an entrance 2 gate Tel/fax: 8 (7132) 24-64-62; 8702-893-65-14; 8 771-783-99-75 Email:, Website:

Board cut a bar of 6 meters in Aktobe

Board cut Bar 6th meter 200*200*6000 mm
150*150*6000 mm
100*100*6000 mm
90*100*6000 mm
80*150*6000 mm
80*200*6000 mm
70*150*6000 mm
70*200*6000 mm
Country of manufacture:Russia
Method of planing:Planed
Information is up-to-date: 12.02.2018

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Unbelievable price on Cut planed board in Aktobe (Kazakhstan) company Aktobe Les, TOO.
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